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Coscharis Motors Activates The Rolls-Royce Black Badge In Nigeria (Photos)




Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost Series 2 Ride and Drive.

With a bolder presence and a more potent performance, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Lagos (Coscharis Motors Limited) has introduced the Rolls-Royce Black Badge into the Nigerian autosphere. The Black Badge comes with elegant charisma, darkened chrome elements, carbon fibre accents and enhanced performance.

To mark its introduction, Coscharis Motors Limited which is the exclusive franchise representative of Rolls Royce Motor Cars in Nigeria organised a Ride and Drive event. AutoJosh and other media representatives were invited and given the opportunity to have a test drive. This experience is good enough to make anyone forget all the problems of this world and only think about their investment portfolios, the next vacation and the scoop of gelato they had with friends last night in Monaco.

The event took place on a Saturday morning at an exclusive highbrow estate on the Island in Lagos. This provided a secure and serene environment to allow us enjoy the car to the fullest while attracting the attention of residents who fell in love with the Black Badge at first sight.

According to Mr Abiona Babarinde, The General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications of Coscharis Group, what Rolls Royce Motor Cars Lagos has done is to bring our showroom to our typical Rolls Royce customers which are high net worth individuals (HNIs) while our media partners experience the brand at the same time. As we speak, we already have a potential prospect checking out the car and this tells you the strategy behind the selection of this venue.

During the ride and drive session one of the media representatives asked a question that may be on your mind right now. What differentiates the Black Badge from the standard Rolls-Royce? she asked. The major differences are the black Spirit of Ecstasy, carbon fibre wheels, blacked out front grille, badges, boot lid and exhaust tips as well as an improved performance.


The Black Badge appeals to young and emerging HNIs who have a taste for absolute luxury while seeking a more athletic and sportier ride. The interior is lushed with exquisite wood and exquisite leather that subtly screams and smells like opulence. The test car has the Purple Silk interior contrasted with black.

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As we closed the doors with the push of a button, the double glazed glass and well insulated body frame immediately isolated the exterior noise and cocooned us in a luxurious cabin with pin drop silence. This car is actually therapeutic and can lower your blood pressure as the revised cushion and sporting air suspension absorbed all the imperfections on our roads to the extent that you’ll think you’re lying on your king size bed in a 5-star hotel. The massage seats also gave us a spa treatment as we listened to the purity of the 18 speaker ultra high end bespoke sound system.

The Rolls-Royce Black badge is powered by a twin turbo 6.6litre V12 engine that produces 603hp and 840Nm of torque (40hp and 60Nm more than the standard Ghost) with an impressive 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds. It features an 8 speed GPS guided automatic transmission, 21 inch wheels, a 12.3 inch infotainment display, the black badge Infinity Symbol, mirrors on the C-Pillar, refrigerator amongst other features.

Fuel consumption is 17.4 mpg (16.2 l/100km).

The Black Badge is available at Coscharis Motors showrooms with 4 years regional warranty. It’s been tropicalized to suit the Nigerian topography, roads and fuel. Surprisingly, the 12 inches ground clearance makes it easy to drive on Nigerian roads.

See more photos and video below and watch out for our upcoming post that will feature the detailed features and specifications of the Rolls Royce Black Badge.

L-R: Mr Abiona Babarinde, General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications of Coscharis Group and Mr Tolu Gbadamosi, Business/Sales Manager of Rolls Royce Motor Cars Lagos.



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