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The Devil In Car Guise. The New Bugatti Chiron Sports Makes Geneva 2018 Debut (Picture)

Nwogbunyama Emeka



The Bugatti guys have stepped up their game. From an incredible Chiron hypercar to Bugatti Chiron Sport.

From the standard Chiron, the Chiron Sports retained the mighty 1,479bhp W16 powertrain. There are other series of ligh weight components which slashed down its weight by 18kg and there is also a new hardcore suspension set-up within the car’s ‘Handling Mode’ designed to give it a more extreme focus for track use.

It came with four-pipe exhaust deflector mounted centrally at the rear of the car.

There are also new lightweight wheels, a redesigned window over the carbon fibre intercooler in the engine bay and, in a world first for a production car, carbon fibre windscreen wipers.Thi is how the 18kg out of 1996kg was dismissed.

The driving experience of the Sport is engineered to match that of the standard Chiron until you twist the drive mode selector to its sportiest ‘Handling Mode’ setting.

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That unleashes the Chiron Sport’s revised damper control strategy and rear differential settings which are designed to make the best use of the quad-turbo engine’s huge power output when the road, or track, starts to twist.

There is an all new dynamic torque vectoring function that further assists the all-wheel drive transmission in deploying its epic grunt as well

The ride is for buyers who waant sportier feel in corners and emotional experience on handling.

New Bugatti Chiron Sports

New Bugatti Chiron Sports

New Bugatti Chiron Sports

New Bugatti Chiron Sports

New Bugatti Chiron Sports

New Bugatti Chiron Sports

New Bugatti Chiron Sports

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