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Tesla Gets Greenlight For German Factory Expansion



A big boost for Tesla is that it is allowed to expand its German factory near Berlin. The local environmental authorities have given the green light for this.

Tesla wants to expand its factory in Grünheide to eventually be able to build a million cars per year and produce up to 100 GWh of batteries per year. To do this, it needs to expand the factory considerably. Now an important step has been taken on the road to this expansion because there is approval from the environmental authorities of the state where the factory is located. This was reported by Reuters.

It is good for Tesla, but there is a good chance that it will lead to trouble again. The factory has been the target of far-left activists who want to stop the expansion several times this year. Fires were even started, causing the factory to come to a virtual standstill for days. They also tried to enter the factory.

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