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Vilner Tramontana Unveiled With Gold Accents With 888 HP (Photos)





2017 Tramontana, 5513 cc bi-turbo V12, 888 hp, 920 Nm, 7sp. sequential, RWD, 1268 kg.

AD Tramontana is a small manufacturer of cars in limited numbers. Each vehicle comes with different and individually crafted interior which is developed by Vilner in Bulgaria. This particular show car at SEMA highlights the latest evolution of the partnership between Vilner and AD Tramontana.

Only with the exception of some buttons and controllers inside, every single bit of the cockpit is thought out and manufactured by Vilner. The main accent-lizard textured “golden leather” inside as a continuation of the exterior scheme. That material has a slightly vintage presence and makes the seats look like some sporty modern alternatives to the ancient thrones. The rest is wrapped in fine black leather and Alcantara. The string is ‘golden’ too.

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Same style and materials can be found on both sides of the cockpit and even the floor mats are made from leather, Alcantara and that “golden leather” elements. See the instrument cluster visor? Black Alcantara with gold edging. The steering wheel of this particular Tramontana car is designed exclusively by Vilner – the shape, material types, the proportions and even the position of the ‘N’ button are all thought out by the Bulgarian atelier. There are also hidden buttons for the horn underneath the leather where the thumbs can go. And there is a central marker in gold as a final touch.

“It’s a 5.5-litre Mercedes-Benz bi-turbo V12 with 888 hp in the middle. That engine can generate а genuine sense of superiority for the driver. And that kind of self-esteem should be defined by the design inside as well.” adds Vilner.

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