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When You Board A Danfo, Does This Annoy You? (PHOTO)



When taking a ride in a danfo, the last thing you should expect is comfort.

It would be delusional to expect to be comfortable in a typically overloaded bus with dusty wooden (pako) seats, cantankerous co-passengers, the ever-present body odour of the discourteous driver and conductor, the noisy engine, etc.

However, the very least you expect is a legroom  –  or a space for your feet.

But it is sometimes never the case. Instead, the spot that was designed for you to place your feet on has an obstruction. It is the presence of the danfo’s spare-tyre.

Now,  you are left with no choice than to suspend your feet awkwardly on the danfo’s spare tyre.

Doesn’t this annoy you?



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