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10 Instagram Accounts Every Car Lover Should Follow



Are you are lover of cars? Are you fed up with the boring feeds you get on your Instagram?

Do you want to resolve this and make your feed more interesting and worth going through?

Say no more; this post is for you. Instagram is a place car freaks can fix themselves daily. When you follow these accounts, your feed will become lit; you won’t become tired of scrolling.

For hot cars, luxury cars, very expensive cars, memes, comparisons, banters, criticism, rivalry, behind the scene shots of some events, make sure you follow them.

So which account should car freaks follow for the best automobile gallery? Here is our list of best Instagram accounts in auto industry (in no particular order)

PS: These accounts are strictly run and managed by Nigerians.

1. Autojoshng:

Asides our blog, we have our wings spread on other social media platforms. We provide automobile news and a forum for car enthusiasts in Nigeria.
Our posts are not just on cars; we post car events, auto news, safety tips, adverts and lots more.
Follow Autojoshng on Instagram today.


2. Supercarsofnigeria:

man and his rolls royce

This account is one of the most interesting and interactive car pages you can think of.
Ladi Bentley (the guy behind the account) is a talented snapper of things that move on roads. When I say ‘things’, I don’t mean ‘agbalumo sellers’ or ‘Agbero Park’; I am talking about cars.

He is our very own automobile Lagbaja; he’s faceless and many long to know who he is.
He is good at spicing up car posts with his captions.

Follow for everything that is insane on four wheels; 6 wheels or more at times.


3. Motoringnigeria:

mercedes benz car

Motoring Nigeria are the purveyors of cars and motorsports in Nigeria. They are known to be organizers and promoters of car shows and motorsport events.

They also produce Carvolution Magazine: Nigeria’s most interesting car magazine and other content such as the RoadKill Racing Series.

On their Instagram page, they have a lot in stock for you.


4. Carspotterng:

man in his car

This is a Nigerian supercar account. They showcase the supercars we have in Nigeria.

They do not only change the car you look at, they change the way you look at cars. In the near future, they will be into transporting cars, sales and logistics.


5. Carsfromnaija:

This is another interesting account very similar to Supercarsofnigeria. They are both faceless and are the automobile twins.



6. Juxycarz:

Juxycarz is not just after car looks, the account is also interested in what these cars can do. The handle is not just to show beautiful cars but to educate people about different cars.

On Wednesdays, there is always a comparison called “Faceoff” aimed at comparing cars on different factors.


7. Gidicars:

Gidicars is for car lovers and petrol heads in Nigeria to get to know and appreciate the amazing cars in the country. With up to 125k followers, Gidicars have inspired a lot of similar accounts to spring up in Nigeria, Ghana and the rest.

They spot impressive automobiles which are rare and people didn’t know are in the country.With the occurrences of auto fairs and car shows, it has inspired a growing automobile culture in the country.


8. Carcontinent:

For this account, there is a big room to learn anything about cars. They have their Friday night discussion that covers what you would love to know about cars.

They have professional mechanics and engineers on the side to give you answers to  your questions without bias.


9. Austine_jay:

He’s a young certified car freak who does not like being bothered, but is  bothered about getting a Ford Mustang of his own to race Vin Diesel.

He does not just posts cars, he chips in driving and safety tips and other interesting stuff.


10. Bi_ll_ions:

It is an account for car enthusiasts and petrol heads. They post pictures of  breathtaking cars


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Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.