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Cars will communicate with each other by 2023




cars will communicate

Some say it is development, some say it’s the apocalypse… what would you call it?

Come 2023, cars will begin to communicate with each other like humans. Just imagine you holla at your neighbour “good morning”.. and your car does the same to your neighbour’s car

The U.S. Department Of Transportation and automakers have been testing the concept of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication for years.

Today the agency said it’s getting serious about having cars talk to each other for safety.  This tech is expected to be loaded on all new vehicles from 2023.

The idea behind this system is that it would allow cars to warn other cars about hazards.. and it is expected to save a lot of lives.

Are you for or against it?



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  1. Bon-Amakiri marvel

    January 1, 2017 at 20:56

    I don’t get it….warn each Oda about what hazard?
    Accidents re caused by impatience and incompetence of drivers …
    If the tire pressure of a car is low or too high…it shud warn d driver and not Oda cars…
    If a collision is about to occur…the car shud smartly avoid or prepare d occupant for eminent crash…
    I don’t think d idea of warning each Oda wudnt b neccesary as a safety tool…except it’s just n efizy feature …our fones do just about too much communications dan we need …

    • AutoJosh

      January 2, 2017 at 01:44

      Yea. Most of those cars will likely have self driving and self braking features.

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