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Meet Osho Rajneesh,The Indian Sex Guru Who Had 93 Rolls-Royces In The 80’s



Chandra Mohan Jain,who was also known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and latterly as Osho, was an indian philosophy lecturer and leader of the Rajneesh movement.

His teachings emphasized the importance of meditation,  mindfulness, love, celebration, courage and creativity

He was known as the “Sex Guru” in India in the 70’s , and a “Rolls-Royce Guru” ,when he moved to U.S in the 80’s, because he owned 93 of the luxury cars.

Rajneesh was so charismatic that many of his followers ,who believed he was a second Buddha , would fill 20,000-seat stadiums to hear him speak.

He attracted tens of thousands of followers from all over the world, including celebrities and highly educated professionals.

Rajneesh had enough money to buy 2 Rolls Royces a month ,expensive wristwatches and private jet, as his followers lined his pockets with several million of dollars.

What they received in return were necklaces with the guru’s picture, a new Rajneeshi name and Rajneesh’s thumb imprint on their forehead.

Every day at 2pm on a road through the mountains of Oregon U.S, hundreds of his followers, known as sannyasins, would gather to wait for his luxurious car to pass.

The car was always a Rolls-Royce, a different one each day, and it would move slowly as they bowed and threw roses on the bonnet.

He also had bizarre teachings that includes mixture of pop psychology, ancient Indian wisdom, capitalism, sexual permissiveness and dirty jokes .

He insisted that repression of sexual energy was the cause of most psychological problems and argued that monogamous marriage was unnatural and advocated unrestricted promiscuity, including partner-swapping, from the age of 14. His cult had a nasty reputation for prostitution and drug running.

The group’s attempt to build a $100 million (N36b in Naira ) utopian city in the state of Oregon became its downfall in the 1980’s which resulted in scandals that included attempted murder, election rigging, arms smuggling and a mass poisoning that still ranks as the largest bio-terror attack in U.S. history.

After his deportation from the United States , 21 countries denied him entry. He ultimately returned to India and a revived his religious movement. He died in 1990.

His followers amassed a fleet of 85 Rolls-Royces (Rajneesh retained the remaining 8) after he was toppled and deported.

They leased 25 Rolls-Royces that includes 19 Silver Spurs, four Camargues, a Silver Spirit and a Silver Wraith II to raise funds for Rajneesh Investment Corp.

To some observers, parking 85 Rolls-Royces worth $7 million in the midst of a remote, dusty valley in Oregon was like herding cattles on the streets of Washington DC.

The remaining 85 Rolls-Royce were finally sold to Bob Roethlisberger, the president of the Carrollton car company, for a cool $7 million(N2.5b in Naira).


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