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Minibus “Kowope” Drivers Kills LASTMA Officer, Another Macheted Currently In Coma



Minibus "Kowope" Drivers Kills LASTMA Officer, Another Macheted Currently In Coma - autojosh .jpg

Drivers of Lagos commercial minibus, popularly called “Kowope”, kills LASTMA officer, another official injured currently in coma.

Minibus "Kowope" Drivers Kills LASTMA Officer, Another Macheted Currently In Coma - autojosh .jpg

Police has arrested seven people in connection with the death of an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Obasu Segun Godwin, who was allegedly killed by minibus drivers “Kowope” on Tuesday. Another official, Adeniyi Hakeem, was also injured during the fatal attack.

According to the reports, drivers of minibuses, popularly called “Korope” inflicted machete cuts on the deceased Obasu and the injured Adeniyi while the pair were performing their official duty along the Ikorodu Road.

The incidents happened after an unidentified driver, who had earlier had his bus impounded for contravening the State Traffic Law, gathered his colleagues to attack every LASTMA officials that they could recognize.

LASTMA’s public relations officer, Filade Olumide, in a statement released on Thursday, said :

“The General Manager, Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Mr. Olajide Oduyoye, has condemned in strongest terms the senseless and unwarranted murder of an officer of the agency, Obasu Segun Godwin and the assault on another officer, Adeniyi Hakeem, by the operator of a Suzuki commercial bus otherwise known as ‘korope’ and others at Anthony area of Lagos State on Tuesday, 16th March, 2021.

“Oduyoye explained that Obasu Segun Godwin and Adeniyi Hakeem were attacked with machetes and other dangerous weapons by the driver of a commercial bus with registration number FKJ 452 YC, plying Bariga to Oshodi via the Ikorodu Road axis in cohort with some other drivers, after his vehicle was apprehended for contravening the Traffic Law of the State.

“According to him, the sad fact about the whole saga was that the two officers were in mufti and on their way home, having completed their morning shift and closed for the day before the recalcitrant commercial bus drivers went berserk, seeking any LASTMA officers to attack for carrying out their statutory duties.”

He added that :

“Obazu was struck severally with machetes resulting in deep lacerations on the head and his eventual death, while Adeniyi Hakeem, who was also attacked in a similar fashion has been hospitalised and in a coma.

“While noting that some senior officers, who were also in mufti and around the area were lucky to escape the mob attack, the General Manager warned all cultists doubling as commercial bus drivers that any traffic violation or infraction shall be punished or penalised as enacted by the Lagos State House of Assembly.”


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