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Tesla’s New Station,The World’s Largest Can SuperCharge 50 Cars At The Same Time



Tesla is starting the new year in a big way with already 20 new stations and one of them is a new 50-Supercharger station,the largest in the world.

In order to support its growing fleet in china, Tesla has been heavily investing in charging infrastructure, which is why it’s not surprising that its 3 biggest Supercharger stations in the world are in China.

The company already opened a 50-stall station in Shanghai last year. It became the largest fast-charging station in the world and another 50-stall station followed in Beijing a few months later.

Each of the stations is extremely powerful in order to potentially supercharge up to 50 cars at the same time.The 3 Supercharger stations have a total peak power output of over 3 megawatts,enough to power hundreds of homes.

Tesla ended last year with just over 8,250 Superchargers at 1,120 locations around the world and aims to have 18,000 Superchargers around the world by the end of 2018.


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