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Keke-Marwa: The Latest Menace To The Society



In Lagos, Keke Marwa became very prevalent on roads after the ban on Okada activities in Lagos state.

They were considered a blessing – especially to those who plied routes that Okadas were prohibited from plying.

Sadly, Keke Marwa has become a terror on wheels on our roads.

Over time, Keke Marwa has degenerated into a terrible nightmare for road users in Lagos. They have become prime sources of trauma to commuters and other motorists.

These terror on the road have become notorious for reckless over-speeding, disobeying traffic rules and meandering through every available space between vehicles on snarled- up traffic situations,  leaving paint marks on other vehicles, etc. Clearly, Keke Marwa poses a great danger to the lives of those boarding it.

Some are wont to call for its outright ban. However, another school of thought believes a ban on Keke Marwa would lead Lagos state lead to a great traffic fiasco.

Indeed, Lagos state, with an incredible reputation for traffic gridlocks, is in a dilemma.

What do you think should be done to check the excesses of the Keke Marwa menace?

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