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Man Calls For Justice As The Drunk Unlicensed Driver Who Killed His Wife Walks Away Unpunished



It is a bitter experience when your expectation of justice to be served is washed down the drain.

This is relatable to the story narrated by a Nigerian man on Facebook today. The Nigerian man calls for justice after a drunk unlicensed driver who killed his pregnant wife walked away unpunished.

The emotionally hurt man said the driver ended up cutting his wife’s life short at her prime. He alleged that the driver bribed his way out.

Read what the man wrote below;

I once had everything. Absolutely pleased with what I had. A beautiful and loving wife, a darling daughter and a happy home. Someone ripped me. Took a whole part of me. He took my woman away. He took my source of joy. This beautiful angel was the reason I was a husband, the reason I am a Father. She was the reason I had a happy home. She was home. She was everything. Heaven sent. She could do no harm. She was pure! I can’t move on. She could not see me hurt, she would put a fight for me. How would I look away when she wasn’t just hurt, she was brutally killed. I WANT JUSTICE.

You were drunk on Monday morning, drove without a licence, and killed my wife with the pregnancy of our baby boy. You didn’t try to brake, you didn’t try to swerve, you just released the full force on her. And the justice system looked at all the fact of the case and still deemed it right to let you walk. Shame. Are we just left with lawlessness in this country? So anyone can just do an illegal act and take people’s lives in the process and go freely as far as he can bribe his way through the law enforcement agents?You cut my wife’s life at her prime. You destroyed my home. You denied my daughter her mother’s love. And you denied our unborn child a chance at life. Am living a nightmare you can’t imagine. And you will just walk and go back drinking and partying! This is so sad and unacceptable. Nigeria’s justice system is sending a message to me, my daughter and all law abiding citizens that everyone’s life is disposable. God please help me, I don’t want my wife and my son to have died for nothing. Send help please. I need your intervention. I pray no one has to go through this. There has to be a deterrent so no one gets behind the wheels drunk.

Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.