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New Kia Logo Set To Be Unveiled (Photos)



Kia's New Logo Set To Be Unveiled On A New Model

Kia Motors, one of South Korea’s best car manufacturer, plans to launch its new logo later this year.  The new Kia logo will be first displayed on a latest model which will be unveiled very soon.  The new logo was first showcased at last year’s Geneva Motor Show on the Imagine concept vehicle.

The latest logo is modern and more eyecatching than the regular one we have become accustomed to. The K.I.A are now joined together to give it that funky but modern design. While recently discussing the launch of the new logo, Kia president Park Han-wood said: “the new emblem is similar to the one at the Imagine concept car, but it will look a bit different.”. It was also reported that the new logo will be seen as from October of this year.

Kia's New Logo Set To Be Unveiled On A New Model

Old Kia logo at the top and new Kia logo below

In December 2019, images showcasing the logo were published by the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service. These images depicted the logo in both red and black. Nobody for sure knows which Kia model will use the new logo but reports also says that it may be a new electric vehicle like how VW introduced a new logo design with the ID.3 hatchback.

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