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World Leader’s Armoured Presidential State Cars That Malfunctioned During Foreign Trips (Photos)




These are some of World leaders armoured Presidential state cars that has malfunctioned during foreign trips. One of them cost millions of dollars to build.


Earlier in the month, French President Emmanuel Macron’s Armoured Renault Espace official state car failed to start during his visit to Poland.

This situation really got Macron exposed to treats, as he was forced to use French ambassador to Poland’s “unarmoured Citroen C6” to leave the presidential palace.


Many people aren’t surprised, as they believed Renault products are not that reliable. But it seems the President’s armoured Renault isn’t the first presidential state car to break down during a foreign trip.

1) U.S Beasts


One of President Obama’s limousine broke down ahead of its arrival in Israel in 2013. According to reliable sources, the $1.5million tank developed mechanical fault after being filled up with with diesel instead of petrol.

The US denied the reports of using “Wrong Fuel“, but failed to give the reason why the “Beast” developed mechanical faults.


The $1.5 million tank was later ferried away by a tow truck.

2) Germany’s Mercedes-Benz

Former British PM Theresa May got stuck in an armoured Mercedes upon her arrival to meet the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany in 2018.


The passenger door remained locked for about fifteen seconds while staffs worked to open it. They eventually managed to unlock the “jammed car door” after several attempts on button pushings .

The former Prime Minister didn’t travel with her official armoured stretched-Jaguar XJ Sentinel during her official visit to Germany.

3) U.S Beasts



Again, one of the best-protected and tech-filled official state cars in the world was defeated by an Irish ramp in 2011.

The U.S government was left embarrassed after one of Barack Obama’s fleet of armoured cars gets stuck on the ramp of the exit of the U.S embassy in Dublin.


To avoid another embarrassing situation like this, the latest “Beasts” has a better road clearance.

Feel Free To Add Other Leaders Whose armoured Presidential State Cars Has Malfunctioned

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