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Jaguar Unveil It’s First Ever Electric Car,The 395bhp I-Pace With A 298-Mile Range




Jaguar’s first ever electric car has finally been revealed.

The launch demonstrated the incredible performance of the I-Pace as it was pitted against two Tesla Model Xs in a 0-60mph and back to zero challenge in footage from Mexico City.

The electric jaguar topped its US rival thanks to a 0-60mph time of just 4.5 seconds, its twin 394bhp motors and powerful brakes.

The much-anticipated model has gone through 200 prototypes, been tested by 500 engineers, driven 1.5million miles and endured 11,000 hours of machine testing.

As Jaguar’s first ever electric car it doesn’t come cheap with prices starting from £63,495.

But that gets you some seriously impressive kit, including a 298-mile battery that’ll charge to 80% capacity on a 50kW charger in 1hr 25min while 30min charge will give 80 miles of range.

The model is also compatible with 100kW public(ultra-fast)chargers, which will give an 80% charge in 40min. At home, a 7kW wall box will charge the battery from 0% to 80% in 10 hours.

The I-Pace measures 4682mm long with a wheelbase of 2990mm.
The clever EV will load personal settings to give you an accurate range based on how you drive.

Other personal preferences like temperature, music and seat position are also saved by the I-Pace’s artificial intelligence so it can set the car up when it senses your key approaching.

The I-Pace is also fitted with Amazon Alexa so you can ask any Alexa device for information about the car that’s stored in Jaguar’s remote app.That includes if the car is locked, what the charging status is and if you have enough range to get to work.

It’ll also remind you if you forget your phone in the car, suggest contacts to call, pre-heat your car before the morning commute and even control your home’s heating, lights and doors.

In a Jaguar first, there’s also over-the-air wireless software updates so owners will get the latest tech without having to visit a dealer.

The new car is on sale right now with several trim levels depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

The CEO of Jaguar Land Rover said: “Where other companies talk about the future, we build it.

“We have torn up the rule book to create the newest member of the Pace family, the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace.

“With zero tailpipe emissions, no CO2 and no particulates, it moves us dramatically closer to our vision of a clean, safe and sustainable future.”

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