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See The Thousands Of Laptop Battery Cells Used In Tesla Car Battery Packs



Have you always dreamed of seeing how the battery packs of Tesla Model S, X and 3 electric car looks like .You will also see what’s inside the battery parks when they are when dismantled .

The Model S electric car has a 85 kWh/400volts battery pack sitting below the seats. Each battery pack consists of 16 modules with 444 cells 25volts per module and a total of 7,104 battery cells per battery pack.

The newer Model 3 has 2,976 cells arranged in groups of 31 in its
50kWh battery pack for a 220 miles of range and 4,416 cells arranged in groups of 46 in its 75 kWh battery park for a 310 miles of range.

Each lithium ion battery cell contains the type found inside a laptop battery pack ,but a little tougher.

The 18650 cells (18-diameter/65-length, laptop batteries) are used in the Model S and Model X cars while Model 3 has 2170 cell (i.e. 21-diameter/70-length) .It  stores about 30% more power than the 18650 cells.

The current found in 2170 cells is around 5,750-6,000 mA, which is almost twice the 3,000 mA current found in the 18650 cells.

The thousands of 18650 and 2170 lithium cells used in Model S, X and Model 3 are made by Tesla and Panasonic at the Nevada Gigafactory.

These battery packs that carry up to 350-400 volts are quite different from what is used in the conventional petrol or diesel powered vehicles that uses 12 volts batteries.