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2020 Peugeot 208: Futuristic And Young



The world is changing and the future holds many questions. In the automotive sector, as in other fields, new challenges call for appropriate responses. Building on its 108-year history, the Peugeot brand is calmly and practically committing to the energy transition era, offering an exciting yet reassuring vision of the future.
This new Peugeot 208 generation which fits perfectly into the brand’s upmarket move strategy. It is distinguished by its keen design that brings with it a breath of youth and energy.

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The new 208 doesn’t only bring improved exterior lines, but completely rearranged ones. The current generation has a roundish look to it, with all the car’s elements contributing to a very common look.
That’s not the case with the 2020 variant. For the new generation Peugeot went for more aggressive lines that instead of heading inward expand, creating a much wider- and sporty-looking car.

At the front, the changes are extensive. The new 208 features a larger chrome grille complete with the carmaker’s Lion badge and completely redesigned full LED 3-claw headlights, but what catches the eye is the much wider stance of the model.

Look at from the side; the new 208 looks nothing like the old one. The car is no longer using a profile that leans towards the front, but one that is straight, bold and more modern than ever before.
Extensive changes are visible at the rear as well. Peugeot fitted the same 3-claw-design lights, linked by an element that spreads all across the hatch.
For the e-208, the main differences are an e monogram on the rear quarter panel, a Lion badge that changes colour from different angles and a body-coloured checkered front grille.

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Not only does the 208 look fantastic outside – it stands out for its interior design and quality too.  There are cheaper feeling plastics on the door tops and lower-down areas.  Overall the soft-touch dashboard and classy, nicely damped switches help the 208 feel a cut above the rest.

The car uses Peugeot’s 3D i-Cockpit, a dashboard layout that includes a 3D digital instrument panel, a 7 or 10 inches HD colour touchscreen, satin chrome piano toggle switches and a padded dashboard with touches of carbon. As an extra, the new 208 also offers the possibility to bathe the interior in a choice of 8 different colors.

Taking advantage of all available space, the supermini comes with tons of storage spaces fitted in every available space. These include under the armrest between the front seats, in front of the gear lever or in the central console.

Transmission And Performance

The new Peugeot 208 offers one of the most extensive powertrain choices available for a single nameplate on the market. The car will come with conventional gasoline and diesel engines, but also with a fully electric option.
The regular internal combustion offering comprises three gasoline engines and one diesel. It’s paired with either 5-speed or 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic.

The diesel range comprises only one engine, a BlueHDi that develops 100 hp. The gasoline lineup uses the same PureTech engine, with three power outputs: 75, 100, and 130 hp.
The e-208 is powered by a 50 kWh battery that gives it a range of 211 miles (340 km). The battery can be recharged through fast charging in about 30 minutes. It would take up to 20 hours to get it to full by using a standard house plug.

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