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5-Wheel Drive:Watch How A Driver Escape Bumper-To-Bumper Parking On Busy Street



It’s happened to us all. You park up only to return a few hours later to see someone has blocked your car.

Shot in Brazil and posted to ViralHog, the short clip shows the rear wheels of a car raised above the ground and slides out of the space with ease,avoiding the cars on both sides.

The front wheels stay perfectly still as the car spins around before lowering itself down.

So how does it work?

Of course, it’s not really magic and in fact it’s a trick that dates all the way back to technology from the 1950s.

It uses a fifth wheel that sits in the boot and can be deployed in such tricky situations.

It’s fitted perpendicular to the rest of the tyres and powered by an electric motor that allows the car to pivot out of tight spots.

Known as the Park-Car it was first seen in the 1930s before being patented in the 50s and used on several old American motors.

It never really caught on and was soon ditched from production, although the tech was more like a forerunner to the clever self-parking systems we see on cars today.

Do want this tech reintroduced,as it might help you get out of an extremely tight space ?

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