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17 Safety Tips For Pedestrians




1. Wear bright-colored clothes and reflective materials

If you work in areas with a high concentration of mobile vehicles, it is advised that you always wear bright-colored and reflective clothes. Wearing this sort of apparels makes you easily seen by approaching motorists.

2. Do not wear headphones or talk on a mobile phone while crossing.

Do not wear headphone especially while walking on a busy road. You need all your senses to be alert, especially your eyes and ears.


3. Make yourself visible to drivers

Make yourself seen by drivers. Walk on the side of the road that is within the line of vision of motorists.

4. Have a torchlight when walking at night

When walking at night, have a flashlight with you. Keep it on and point it ahead of you. This way, approaching vehicles will be hinted of your presence long before they get to the spot where you are.

5. Stay sober

Just as it is dangerous to drive under the influence of intoxicants such as alcohol, walking under the influence of alcohol is just as dangerous. It can impaired your judgement and increase your chance of being hit by a vehicle while walking.

6. Beware of distracted Drivers.

Many things can distract drivers. Drivers can be distracted when they are on the phone, or their eyes are not focused ahead of him; or when they are applying make-up, or starring at the rear view mirror, etc. Once this is noticed, keep a safe distance from vehicles with such kind of drivers.

7. Never assume a vehicle will stop for you

Never assume that a vehicle will stop for you before crossing. Be patient. Wait until the car grinds to a complete halt before crossing a road. Make eye contact with drivers; do not just look at the vehicle. Do not rely solely on pedestrian signals. Look before you cross the road.

8. Walk facing traffic

When walking on the road, try as much as possible to walk in the direction opposite the flow of traffic. This way, oncoming vehicle will be within sight.

9. Look left, right, and left again before crossing a street

This is perhaps the oldest and the most basic rule of crossing the road. Always apply this rule when crossing.

10. Be observant At multiple lane roads before crossing

Before you cross multiple lane roads, look to check if the lanes are free and then take advantage of the best opportunity to cross. Even if one motorist stops, do not presume drivers in other lanes can see you and will stop for you.

11. Always walk on the sidewalk

Always ensure to walk on kerbs. Stay as far away from the main road. If there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic.

12. Use zebra crossing if one is available

Cross streets using Zebra crossing is one is available. And ensure to wait for the cars to come to a complete stop before crossing.

13. Obey traffic signals

Some traffic lights have signals for pedestrians. Follow their indicators for pedestrians, such as WALK/DON’T WALK signs.

14. Cross the street in a well-lit area at night

When crossing the street or road at night, do it at locations with a lot of light around it. It will make you visible to approaching vehicles.

15. Be observant when standing behind parked cars

Stand clear of parked vehicles especially with one with a driver sitting in it. You never know when they would want to back out.

16. Avoid holding hands with a companion when crossing

It is advised that one should not hold hands with a companion when crossing the road. Indecision  with one of the parties on when exactly to cross can have fatal consequences.

17. Stay alert, avoid day-dreaming

A busy street, especially one with mobile vehicles, is no place to day dream while walking. Stay alert at all times when walking.



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